surf training in Edinburgh

“GROUP and ONE-TO-ONE classes"

It's really fun and it makes you feel like surfing on asphalt

Training on land is key to improving your surfing. You can spend hours in the water repeating the same mistakes without realizing it, creating bad habits and frustration without any real progress. This training modality corrects and builds your muscle memory so that you can then apply your new movements next time in the water. One of the objectives is to be able to make you learn to understand the basic principles of a correct technique so that later you can correct yourself after each wave and you can continue training with your surfskate whenever you have free time. It's really fun and it really makes you feel like surfing on asphalt.

Group Class

Group classes are offered to everyone. These classes will include mixed levels and can be booked via email. You just choose the location, day and time that suits you best. Group classes are a fun way to meet like minded people, learn new techniques and will help you to improve your surfing!

surfskating in Edinburgh

One-to-one class

If you'd like a more personalised experience, I also offer 60 minute session one-to-one classes. These can be organised with me via email or Instagram. I can tailor a course to your individual level, and times/days/locations can be arranged. Single classes and courses are availible.

surfskating in Edinburgh


I can cater to different levels, experience and goals in one to one classes. Group classes will be mixed levels and we´ll cover a variety of different techniques. Everybody is welcome, from beginner to advanced!

surfskating in Edinburgh


Locations can change and it won't be possible to book the same class on the same day weekly. This is due to scheduling issues and also demand for classes in certain locations. I am happy to cater to groups of 4 or more in requested locations so if you and some friends would like a class in a specific spot that's not advertised on the website, drop me an email and we can coordinate a class closer to home.

surfskating in Edinburgh

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